Sarah Pessin
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Sarah Pessin is Interfaith Chair and Professor of Philosophy & Jewish Thought at the University of Denver. She serves as creative director of DU's Holocaust Memorial Social Action Site, and is team leader for DU's Religious Inclusivity Initiative. She served as Director of the Center for Judaic Studies (Fall 2008-Summer 2019) and as Chair of the Academic Planning Committee (Fall 2016-Fall 2019), and in Spring 2019 was elected to serve as Faculty Senate president (Fall 2020-Summer 2022).
Sarah is currently on Sabbatical (Fall 2019-Summer 2020).
Sarah works on (1) philosophies and phenomenologies of alterity, exile, and "difficult hope," (2) Levinasian responsibility with implications for rethinking love, faith, hope, and forgiveness in contemporary American civics, and (3) Greek, Jewish, and Islamic Neoplatonic insights on goodness.  
She is currently working on 3 interrelated book projects on "trembling, resignation & agency"One is a close study of early Levinas in terms of "Pausal Subjectivity"--an encounter with self through past, paradox & pardon. The 2nd, "Hate and Protect," is a series of essays exploring a Levinasian "Politics of Responsibility" through an applied American civic lens. The 3rd is a new INTRAfaith approach to interfaith civics that seeks to add vulnerability and mystery to the way interfaith work is commonly practiced; it is called "The Miracle Option in Interfaith: From Literacy to Liturgy."
Sarah also loves photography, writing poetry, and making collages & collage boxes. And during a recent trip to Mission Beach in San Diego, she recalled that she likes playing (some) 80s video games.

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Image: "Night Light," Sarah Pessin (2011)